The forecasting of key business metrics helps an organization paint a picture of what their organization will look like at some point in the future.  In good economic times a company may forecast key metrics quarterly, in bad they may forecast key metrics daily. 


What Organizations Need A Forecast?


All organizations need to forecast their key metrics.  A forecast helps an organization measure their success or failure in an objective and quantifiable way.


What Is A Key Metric?


  • A Key Metric is a Key Performance Indicator (KPI), that helps an organization define their success. 
  • A Key Metric must be measurable. 
  • Key Metrics will be different from one organization to the next. 
  • Most organizations include some financial measurements among their Key Metrics. 
  • Key metrics are normally set for an organization with different metrics for departments within an organization.


Examples of Organizational Metrics:


  • Revenue
  • Headcount (number of employees in an organization)
  • Expense
  • Pre-Tax Profit


Example of Department Metrics, In This Case A Call Center::


  • Length of Call
  • First Call Resolution


What Are Your Next Steps?


Are you ready to get started on your Forecast? An initial consultation is only $100.  Here is what you get. 


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Still Not Sure ? Free Consulting Is Available


Jackie Willey is available for a free 30 minute consultation to discuss developing your Forecast and help you develop the best strategy to meet your needs.