Expense Analysis


Tracking your expenses is one thing.  Understanding what your expenses mean is another thing entirely.


In difficult economic times it is important that expenses are reviewed continuously to determine if an organization is spending what they need to run their operation.  That is the big question.  How much money does an organization need to spend in order to achieve their goals?  Goals may include customer service standards, revenue, number of full-time students, service to the community served, etc.


If an organization is fortunate enough to have an increase in revenue (or donations/gifts for nonprofit organizations) they must minimize the associated increase in expense to meet or exceed margin goals (or money available for distribution in the case of nonprofit organizations). It is important to always understand how a cut in expenses will affect the success of an organization.  Cutting too much in headcount may result in lower customer service levels which results in lower revenue or donations .


What Are Your Next Steps?


Are you ready to get started on your Expense Analysis? An initial consultation is only $100.  Here is what you get. 


  • A 60 minute one-on-one phone consultation with Jackie Willey. Each consultation is personalized to fit the client’s needs.
  • After the phone consultation you will receive a document detailing the conversation including any decisions you have made, ideas that have been raised and any other pertinent information.
  • The $100 fee is applied to the cost of developing your Expense Analyses if you decide to use Jackie Willey.
  • Clients often find it most effective to send Jackie Willey an e-mail with their questions in advance of their discussion. Other clients don’t know where to start and need help developing a plan. Jackie is flexible and will work with you to get the most out of the conversation.


Still Not Sure ? Free Consulting Is Available


Jackie Willey is available for a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your Expense Analysis needs and help you develop the best strategy to meet your needs.