Strategic Planning


A strategic plan tells a story.  It is the story of where an organization plans to go over the next year or two, how it plans to get there and how it will know it has arrived.  It is a bit like a  travelogue with an element of mystery thrown in.


Strategic Planning is a process not an event.  The writing of a Strategic Plan takes place over time.  It is not a one time event.  Organizations often find the process of developing a Strategic Plan to be as beneficial as the plan itself. 


It is important to remember that along with a Strategic Plan an organization must have an implementation plan.  A Strategic Plan that cannot be implemented is a useless plan.



What Are The Benefits Of A Strategic Plan?


  • A Strategic Plan can be used to communicate the purpose of an organization
  • Establishes common goals for an organization and a timeframe in which they should be achieved
  • To create the best Strategic Plan the current environment must be analyzed giving an organization a better understanding of their current state
  • The effective use of resources should be outlined in a Strategic Plan which helps an organization identify personnel needs
  • The progress of an organization can be measured against the strategic plan in a quantifiable manner
  • Through the process of developing a Strategic Plan the current competitive environment is analyzed resulting in an organization achieving a better understanding their industry
  • A good Strategic Plan will give the organization a clear focus



Developing a Strategic Plan

Prudential Bank made the decision to grow their personal trust portfolio and expand their personal trust product base.  The President of the Bank determined that a Strategic Plan was needed in order to achieve the desired results.  I managed a team comprised of the Chief Trust Officer, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, the Bank President and others as required to develop an effective Strategic Plan.  The Strategic Plan was presented by the Bank President to the Bank Board of Directors as well as executives of Prudential Financial.  In addition to writing the Strategic Plan I developed an effective implementation plan.
Jackie Willey


What Are Your Next Steps?


Are you ready to get started on developing your Strategic Plan? An initial consultation is only $100.  Here is what you get. 


  • A 60 minute one-on-one phone consultation with Jackie Willey. Each consultation is personalized to fit the client’s needs.
  • After the phone consultation you will receive a document detailing the conversation including any decisions you have made, ideas that have been raised and any other pertinent information.
  • The $100 fee is applied to the cost of developing your Strategic Plan if you use Jackie Willey.
  • Clients often find it most effective to send Jackie Willey an e-mail with their questions in advance of their discussion. Other clients don’t know where to start and need help developing a plan. Jackie is flexible and will work with you to get the most out of the conversation.


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