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Limit the number of bullet points you use!  If I had one piece of advice to give to someone putting together a Power Point presentation it would be that.  How many times have you sat in a presentation looking at a slide with 10, 15 bullet points in font so small you can’t read it?  And what is more, usually the presenter is standing there taking up your time reading each one.


Bullet points are an effective way to get your message across, just be sure you use them to sell your message not to bore your audience.   Rather than having page after page of bullet points, break up your presentation by using pictures, graphs and tables.  Having an impact statement and devoting a full page to that one statement can be an effective way to get your audience to think about a subject without drawing their attention away from the presenter.


Adding color can help make your presentation more dynamic just make sure your colors are complimentary i.e. they look good together and that  you use no more than 3 colors for fonts.  Your audience needs to be able to read your slides and the closer the font is to black the easier it is to read.   If you are unsure about the colors you have used in your presentation let someone whose opinion you trust look it over.  What one person likes another may dislike


Writing a Presentation

I was asked by VDSI, Inc. to develop a presentation for American Grass Fed Beef.  The focus of the presentation was to be the benefits of grass fed beef over conventional beef from large feed lots.  The audience was Whole Foods butchers.  The audience was very knowledgeable about the production of beef but not the difference between conventional beef and grass fed beef.  The presentation I created focused on the health benefits and the quality of life of the cattle.  The presentation is used on Webinars and is given to very large audiences so I used photographs, charts and tables to keep the interest of the audience since they would not have the benefit of having a person in the room to help keep their focus.  My client was very satisfied and the presentation has been very effective.
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