Policies and Procedures


Policies are used to guide current and future decisions and behaviors toward a desired outcome. Policies can be broad affecting the entire organization or they can be specific to a department or unit within an organization. 


One thing is true for every policy…..every policy must have an owner who ensures that the policy is enforced and is responsible for periodically reviewing and updating the document.  The policy owner must be at a high enough level in an organization that they have the authority to require adherence to the policy.  For some policies the owner may be the President or CEO.


Each individual policy needs an associated set of procedures which are essentially the road map for ensuring a policy is implemented.


Step-by-step procedures should be developed for how a policy will be implemented within an organization.  The owner of the policy is usually the owner of the procedures though they are rarely responsible for their daily implementation.



What is the first policy that every organization should develop? 

The policy on formulating a policy!



Policy Writing Guidelines


  • Keep the policy as short as possible
  • Conduct research on the policy topic
  • Check related policies in your organization to ensure that the policy being developed does not conflict with existing policies
  • Policies must be written in such a way that they can be implemented
  • Avoid using acronyms, slang and terminology that may not be understood by the intended audience.  If they must be used include definitions in the document that can be understood by the average person
  • If the policy deals with laws or regulations make sure the most recent version of the laws and regulations are used and that the policy supports those laws and regulation.  Include links or references to specific websites where the reader can obtain a copy of the referenced law or regulation
  • Procedures are not part of a policy but are written in support of a policy.  They should be attached as a separate document
  • If you are making revisions to an existing policy highlight those revisions so they are apparent to the individuals reviewing the changes


Developing Policies and Procedures

Clark Atlanta University needed updated operation policies and procedures for their Financial Aid Office, the Office of Student Affairs and Student Accounts Receivable.  I developed a list of policies and procedures that needed to be developed, conducted research on similar policies , wrote a first draft of the policies and developed a list of questions that need to be answered in order to finalize the policy.  At this point I formed a team to assist in the writing and review of the policy and appointed a policy owner.  A review of the proposed policy was conducted with the team, revisions were made and a final policy developed.  After the final policy was written I worked with the policy owner to develop procedures which were then reviewed by the team.
At Prudential Bank a slightly different process was used.  Where I worked with the business owner to develop their policies and procedures.  I believe a team approach is more effective as input from all the areas that must adhere to a policy and follow the procedures produces better policies and procedures.
Jackie Willey



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