Action Plans


Action plans are an effective tool to identify steps, assign accountability, establish due dates and monitor the progress of your project. 


Action plans can be used  to respond to  regulatory inquiries, to re-engineer processes, to develop strategic plans and to manage small projects within a large project.  In fact any activity where there are tasks that cross functions can be managed more effectively by using an action plan.


Action plans are a great tool when you are operating under tight deadlines.  They help you organize your thoughts and avoid the panic that can come when you have a limited time to complete a task.


If a project is small you don’t need to go through the trouble of creating a task plan in Microsoft Project you can just develop a simple action plan. 


An action plan is not a to do list.  A to do list lacks focus on a single goal while action plans focus on a single goal.  Different goals require a different action plan.


Keep your action plan simple.  Too many headers across the top will make the action plan hard to follow.  And most importantly assign ownership of the action plan to one person.  If more than one person has responsibility to update the action plan you will have trouble keeping track of which update is correct.



Developing an Action Plan



Prudential Bank offered a suite of banking products including lending products.  As the manager respnsible for developing strategic plans I was asked to develop a lending strategy.  The deadlines were tight.  In order to meet my objectives I identified the people I would need to help me develop the strategy.  I used an action plan to help me manage the project.  As a team we developed an outline of the strategy, assigned responsibilities, determined due dates for each task and identified steps that would be needed for each task.  The following is an example of an action plan.
Jackie Willey
Prudential Bank Proposed Lending Strategy
 Executive Summary  J. Willey – Strategic Planning Manager

 1. Identify strategy highlights

 2. Develop key success factors

 3. Outline objectives

 Financial Information  T. Smith – Financial Analyst  1. Create financial impact   10/15/08
 Product Descriptions  L. Doe – Product Manager

 1. Identify lending products

 2. Describe lending products

 Sales Strategy  G. Davis – Sales Manager  1. Develop sales strategy   9/21/08


What Are Your Next Steps?


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