Today, businesses must be lean, flexible, customer focused and adhere to internal and external regulations to succeed in complex and competitive markets. I thrive on the workplace challenge.


The crucial organizational needs of a business may be immediate or long term, operational or strategic. My experience in compliance, financial management, document development, project management and strategic planning can be put to use in making an organization successful.


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 Key Skills 

  • Write policies and associated procedures to ensure consistency and efficiency are achieved in day-to-day operations and to establish personal and organizational accountability.
  • Develop process flows to show visually how policies and procedures work within an organization. Review process flows to expose weaknesses.
  • Create a Conflict of Interest and/or Commitment policy and associated procedures along with disclosure forms to ensure all potential conflicts of interest are known to management allowing an organization to operate with a high degree of transparency.
  • Partner with management to analyze expenses and assist in the development of expense reduction plans.
  • Develop a simple system to prioritize and manage projects to allow resources to be utilized where they can make the most impact on an organization.
  • Design an action plan to help an organization reach strategic goals and business benchmarks.
  • Create critical documentation for internal and external use.
  • Write and edit website content around key words to optimize search engine results.
  • Develop presentations for executive management, boards of trustees and other internal and external entities.


Related Case Studies: Prudential Bank



In 2001, Prudential Bank had approximately 500 employees and nearly as many incomplete projects. Parent company Prudential Financial offered an effective project management process; however, it was paper intensive and impractical for this small organization. The Bank needed a simplified process to prioritize and manage their projects with limited resources.



I determined that the appropriate plan of action was to build a small Project Management Office (PMO). This office was established to prioritize projects, determine start dates and assign a project manager. I developed a PMO handbook that documented the process, including roles and responsibilities, and included the forms needed throughout the life of the project. This book was distributed across the organization to define standard procedure.



The Bank was able to reduce the number of projects being implemented at any given time. The number of successful implementations increased. Having well-defined roles reduced the stress-level of all those involved with managing or working on projects.


“As a manager, Jackie brings out the best in her employees. Over my professional career I have witnessed few managers that are able to generate the type of loyalty that Jackie fosters. She truly enjoys developing her staff. Not only have I worked for her, I have participated in many of the projects that she has managed. Through her management style and people skills Jackie motivates her team members to meet deadlines.”—John Hiers, Senior Vice President